Pet Urn

Pet Urns

It is not easy to accept the loss of a pet and move on with your life, but life has to go on. A heart-warming aspect of the whole affair is bringing back the cremated remains of your pet’s home. The very fact that some part of your pet is still around you somewhere in front of your eyes is satisfaction enough. It is all about knowing that your pet is still with you and that is very comforting.

The ashes of your pet can be sanctified in an urn and kept in a place where it spent most of its life; maybe in the garden or somewhere in the living room where it can be seen. Urns need not be plain and without engravings, there are custom-made urns available and you can choose the one that you feel is right for your pets resting place.

It can be furniture made of metal, stone, glass or wood or there could be plaque at the top with your words of remembrance. You could buy mantle piece styled urn where you can enclose a picture of your beloved pet and feel its presence when you move around your house.

There are urns that can serve a dual purpose like the clock mantle piece urns. A clock is fitted in along with a picture of your pet on the front. Whenever you check the time, you get to see the picture of your pet and the memories would come rushing back.

There are laser engraved urns available too and you can buy them and give your pet a dignified resting place. Last words are always important and there is space on the wood plaque just above the urn for you write your heart felt feelings. It can be your pet’s name or a remembrance message.

Anything that makes you feel that the pet is still here and is resting in a dignified manner. Urns can be custom made for people who want something special, there are urns that are available ready made on the market as well. If you are visiting a friend or well wisher who has lost a pet, it could be a nice gesture to buy one of them to remember their pet by.

This gesture would be an appropriate one and will mean a lot to the receiver who has lost a dear one.