Memorial statue of dogs

Pet Memorials

Pet memorials are in reality the same concept as memorials to people; they are placed there to help the living to remember the life of a loved one that has passed away. This is also the exact function of pet memorials.

Whatever form they take they are there to remind the pet’s owner of the good times that they enjoyed with their beloved cat or dog. Just like their human counterparts pet memorials come in all kinds of designs, concepts, shapes, and sizes.

There are a wide variety of coffins and caskets designed specifically for all sizes of family pet remains, and just like their human counterparts they are offered in a wide variety of materials and prices.

If you are burying your pet in the back garden or at a professional pet cemetery you may want a memorial in the form of a headstone, these can be carved by professional craftsmen and include your dog’s name and any sentiment you may wish placed there, it is also possible to introduce an image into the stone.

There are also a wide variety of high quality hardwood memorials that can be carved with your sentiments. Alternatively a brass plate can be attached that can help to immortalise your pet in your back garden or at the local pet cemetery.

If your pet is to be cremated there are a wide range of Urns that start with a basic functional item, used if you just wish to spread the remains at your pets favourite location. There are also more ornate items suitable for memorialising your pet in the garden or inside your home. There are even a range of professionally handmade Urns that can be constructed to your own personal specifications.

There are a multitude of other memorial items now available with the help of modern technology. Your pet’s ashes can be encased within a man-made gemstone for you to wear around your neck. You could also have a memorial oil painting professionally produced to hang on your wall as an ever present reminder of your lost pet.

In this Internet age there are even online pet memorial sites where you can express your feelings about your recently passed friend.

For some, a pet memorial is much simpler, with perhaps just the pet’s collar hanging from a coat hook in the hallway as a reminder of the pet that touched our hearts.