Dog food in bowl

How The First Therapeutic Dog Food Was Created

The company Hill’s is regarded as one of the best manufacturers of high quality pet foods on the market. The company was founded by Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. who believed that you can aid certain conditions and disorders, in both dogs and cats, puppies and kittens with a specially balanced diet. the founding veterinary, in order to help one who suffered from kidney problems, made the world’s first pet food designed for managing kidney health (called Hill’s k/d).

The company has come a long way since they produced their first Hill’s Dog Food back in 1948. Hill’s now sells a rich variety of “prescription foods” for pets with specific health issues. While that prescription food is available only through a vet or pet pharmacy, it doesn’t contain any drugs.

Hills also offers a wide selection of pet food for different dietary requirements and stages of life of normal, healthy pets. It’s named Hill’s Science Plan. High quality pet food requires a right blend of ingredients to meet a specific nutrient profile based on a pet’s age, lifestyle or health condition, that’s why, for example, Hill’s Puppy Food diet for young growing kitten or puppy will provide different balance of such elements like proteins, minerals and energy than a diet designed for a mature adults. Hill’s understands that after the initial puppy phase, growing dogs require a specially balanced diet until they develop into their full adult size.

Senior animals also require foods of a different, right formula that will meet their unique needs. Hills Science Plan foods contain a special combination of vitamins and their unique formula has been scientifically proven to manage your pet’s health, reduce the risk of disease and strengthen the immune system. For example, Hill’s products contain only a healthy level of salt. All the other ingredients are of top quality and are wholesome. Hills are confident that your cat or god will enjoy their foods that they offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if for any reason your pet doesn’t want to eat their food. The selection of Hill’s dog food includes bags of dry food and tins of wet food.