Furry toy puppy

Hours of fun with a dim witted dog!

It is not kind to laugh at other peoples flaws but when you have a dog that can make a small candle look bright it is hard not to laugh. If you have seen the film Marley and Me you will remember the scenes of Marley as a puppy and the foolish things he did such as run repeatedly into a shut door, eat a necklace and run with a table attached to his lead. My dog Sweep is also a lab, also did those silly things and then some more.

He loved playing with his dog toys. He would spend hours just playing with one toy and was so easily tricked into losing it some might say it is cruel to play the same trick repeatedly. To fool him you could take the toy out of his mouth, hold it in your hand, very obviously pretend to throw it and then hide it under a cushion instead and watch him searching the area where he thought it should have landed for ages. Even after showing him where we were hiding the toy instead of throwing it did not help. As well as dog toys he was also easily amused by cat toys, the cat toys with the toy attached to a dangly stick would keep him amused for ages. You could wave the toy about above his head for ages and he would dash about underneath in circles. His favourite toy is a Kong Toy called a biscuit ball. You can pop treats into the ball and then in theory he spends a while playing with it eventually getting the treat out, Sweep has never ever got the treat out, we have to empty it regularly and refill it to ensure that the treats do not go off!

Taking him out on a walk is always fun as he is a friendly dog and loves playing with other dogs, however he never learns to avoid the dogs we know are bad tempered and tried to play with everyone regardless of whether they were willing or not.

Even though he is a bit dim he is a lovely dog, not all dogs in a certain breed are as smart or learn as quickly as you might expect but he is still loving and I am sure one day he will cotton on to our tricks.