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Putting a Pet to Sleep

Deciding When to Put a Pet Down When a pet owner is confronted with the undesirable decision to put their animal to sleep, or euthanize their pet, there is no simple answer as in most cases; a pet becomes an essential member of the family. Your pet has been there for support, companionship and much […]

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Pet Urn

Pet Urns

It is not easy to accept the loss of a pet and move on with your life, but life has to go on. A heart-warming aspect of the whole affair is bringing back the cremated remains of your pet’s home. The very fact that some part of your pet is still around you somewhere in […]

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Pet Bereavement Support

Support for Those Who Have Lost Their Pet If you have recently lost a pet and find yourself overwhelmed with grief, perhaps it will help you to know that you’re not strange, you’re not some kind of weird person because you grieve in this way for an animal. For the devoted pet owner, a death […]

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