Girl with her pet dog

How long do pets live for?

If you’ve ever kept an animal, you know you’ll have to deal with their eventual death. Whether it’s a rabbit, a guinea pig, a pooch or a parakeet, one day they won’t be around anymore. Different animals have very different lifespans, and how long your pet lasts can be a major factor in the type […]

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Guinea pigs nibbling

The Best Pets for Kids

A well-loved pet is part of growing up for many children, and having an animal in the family is a great way to teach kids about responsibility, too. Picking an animal that your kids can bond with (and that isn’t too hard to look after) makes for a perfect match; your children get an animal […]

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Blue Stetoscope

Putting a Pet to Sleep

Deciding When to Put a Pet Down When a pet owner is confronted with the undesirable decision to put their animal to sleep, or euthanize their pet, there is no simple answer as in most cases; a pet becomes an essential member of the family. Your pet has been there for support, companionship and much […]

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Pet Urn

Pet Urns

It is not easy to accept the loss of a pet and move on with your life, but life has to go on. A heart-warming aspect of the whole affair is bringing back the cremated remains of your pet’s home. The very fact that some part of your pet is still around you somewhere in […]

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Memorial statue of dogs

Pet Memorials

Pet memorials are in reality the same concept as memorials to people; they are placed there to help the living to remember the life of a loved one that has passed away. This is also the exact function of pet memorials. Whatever form they take they are there to remind the pet’s owner of the […]

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Assorted colour of kittens

Pet Insurance Protection

A family pet is a great joy to all, they are friends, companions and one of the family. It is heart-breaking when your pet falls ill, and as they can’t tell you where it hurts it normally takes a trip to the vets to find out what, and where, the problem is. The downside of […]

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Pet tombstone

Pet Burials and Cremations

For most of us, pets are more than just guests in our homes; they are real members of our families. As much as our pets impact our lives with their own, though, an inevitable fact of that life is that we will have to face the death of our feline or canine family at one […]

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